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Vehicles are more reliable and we are replacing fewer parts. In addition, service intervals have been extended to mileages that many drivers don’t complete within a year and as a result motorists are visiting garages less frequently. Car paint protection film Despite this trend, demand for replacement steering and suspension components has not been stifled. This is due to a combination of deteriorating road surfaces, continual increase in speed bumps and traffic calming measures that put much greater stress on parts.

The Unipart steering and suspension product range comprises steering components, shock absorbers and road springs and the whole product portfolio consists of thousands of references for the UK car and light commercial vehicle market.

Shock Absorbers

For every mile driven, a shock absorber is estimated to ‘oscillate’ (up and down) 500 times. That’s 5 million oscillations a year on an average car. Although they’re designed and constructed from materials to withstand severe punishment, there is a limit.

Drivers rarely notice when a shock absorber is failing, and over time they subconsciously compensate for shock absorber wear in their driving behaviour. Tests have shown that in an emergency a car’s braking distance can increase by 10% on vehicles where worn shock absorbers have not been replaced. These can also create a dangerous imbalance in the vehicle’s braking and steering characteristics.

The Unipart range of shock absorbers is regularly updated with the introduction of new references. There are three separate types of components – shock absorbers, strut mounts, and protection kits.

To protect the ride and handling of the car, Unipart recommend that independent garages and other car repairers change shock absorbers in axle pairs. When changing the shocks, the road springs should also be changed, as both components have been subjected to the same wear.

Road springs

Road springs compensate for the unevenness of the road surface and the shocker (damper) absorbs the energy from the springs preventing them from rebounding up and down continuously. So, the shock absorber ensures that stability is maintained between the wheel and the road and that progressive damping for maximum road contact is experienced – but without this a car becomes difficult to brake and steer and ultimately to control.

There are two types of road springs available from Unipart, the standard coil spring and leaf springs, which are fitted to vehicles requiring a more robust suspension system.

The Unipart range

The Unipart steering and suspension range more than meets all manufacturers’ and vehicle safety criteria. They are manufactured in ISO 9000 2000 accredited plants thereby endorsing the aspect of product consistency and provide full coverage of the UK market.

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