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Listed below are the specifications and features of the Barnett Razr crossbow:
It also has an all carbon and titanium-reinforced stock, a lighter riser, firm finger reminders and foregrip, CNC machined rail and aluminum flight rack, composite limbs, a string and cable system with a retractable underarm support.
It also comes equipped with a reverse cam, and has an integrated skinning knife with an adjustable butt pad for maximum comfort, and lastly, string suppressors and a 20 inch axle to axle system.

The Barnett Razr packages comes with the following:
An illuminated scope
Three (3) Headhunter arrows
Rope cocking device
A 3’5’’ (inch) knife
An owner’s manual
Warranty card

Putting together the Barnett Razr is very easy even for a beginner, simply attach the riser through the stock then mount the quiver and scope. The next thing you will be doing is adjusting the retractable underarm support to make your crossbow more comfortable to use. It usually only takes 10 minutes or less to unbox your crossbow and use it!

The Barnett Razr in Action

The barnett razr crossbow review is a fast crossbow, being able to shoot arrows at 400 fps and hitting the target at around 142 lbs of pure kinetic energy, the Barnett Razr is so powerful that you might have your target right against your backstop or have something hold it to prevent it from being knocked down.
Not only that – the accuracy of the Barnett Razr is so powerful that most users of this crossbow can clear almost half an inch within 50 yards, a complete inch in 60 yards, the crystal clear scope let’s you hit your target anywhere you want it to.

This is the perfect crossbow for hunters as it is extremely accurate and powerful, it’s lightweight and narrow enough thus making it easy for you to carry it around regardless of the terrain, foliage or game you plan on hunting, its design and colour makes it easier for you to blend in your surroundings.
The Barnett Razr also includes a knife, stored in its butt stock, for easy access although some hunters have complained that this can be a nuisance as you may need another knife or any sharp object to pry it open and get it out.

The Barnett Razr has a smooth cocking system and a draw weight of 185 pounds but sadly, removing the rope cocking system will disengage the safety of this Best Crossbows Guide, but other than, this crossbow is very safe and works flawlessly; especially when cared for properly.

Scope, Bolts, and Other Parts

The Barnett Razr crossbow has one of the most accurate scopes available in the market, it’s a perfectly illuminated scope with multiple fine-tuned reticles and a clear 3 dot sight, the scope of the Barnett Razr is also immune to fog and has a long battery life.

When you open the package of the Barnett Razr, you’ll see that it includes 3 Headhunter arrows (although you may use any similar arrows as long as it’s 22 inches at 400 grain or even higher), these arrows are durable, of good quality, and shoot straight all throughout which is suitable for a crossbow this powerful.

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