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Are you a weekend binger? I know I am and I’m constantly trying to find new ways to battle this problem. You can also visit for more tips.

I have a plan that I stick to during the week. I make healthy choices and work out. Right now it’s me and the kids and we have our routine. It all falls apart on the weekend. I know part of the problem is there is no schedule or routine. My husband is home on the weekend and we go places or do projects together. Sometimes it is the social gatherings and that is always hard to make healthy choices. But I even have trouble when we are just staying home. I’m not sure if in the back of my mind I feel like I deserve a break or that life is short I should be able to indulge if I want to.

One step I have taken to try and help this problem is to make myself accountable. Before when I had a bad weekend and would not be able to get back on the scale for a few days until I was fairly sure the number would be back down. Now I weigh on Monday to check the damage from the weekend. It has helped some. Then there are the times when I get on the scale and I don’t like the number which can sometimes make me spiral the rest of the day. It totally depends on my mood.

It’s my belief that Losing Weight and maintaining is more mental than anything. If I could just keep my thoughts positive and not focus on some of the poor choices I make I could be happier with myself. I have also tried to demystify the weekend. They are days just like any other day and the food will always be there. My main goal is I try to incorporate everything I love into my plan, so that I never feel the need to “check out.” There’s not an overnight cure and I continue to struggle, but by watching my emotional responses and focusing on my true goals I have made them happen less and less frequently. I try to remind myself of a quote I once read “If I always do what I always did, I will always get what I always got.

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