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The name of our innocuous mailing list has the ability to conjure up peculiar mental images in some minds. People expect to find roses in a rose garden, herbs in a herb garden and vegetables in a vegetable garden, yet the concept of a lesbian garden seems to inspire some very strange expectations indeed.
Quite a few of our casual visitors have trouble picturing sensibly dressed lesbians mowing lawns, doing some weeding or watering their vegetables. Hardly surprising perhaps, considering where a Web search for pictures of lesbians will take you. (Isn’t it amazing, the number of lesbians who seem to spend their entire lives prancing about, wearing nothing but a pair of spike heels and half a ton of make up?)

Hopefully the situation will improve as more women connect to the Internet. But, meanwhile, the pornographers are still polluting cyberspace with their own distorted images of how lesbians prefer to spend their leisure time – to such an extent that the very word “lesbian” is deemed offensive and inappropriate by most of the blocking and filtering software available to schools and parents.

This Web site amazingmachines.info is intended as a counterweight. It has been created for, and dedicated to, all the wonderful lesbians who enjoy gardening. You’d be surprised how many of us there are! I dare say we outnumber the long-nailed fantasy lesbians in the pornographic sites by a sizable margin as soon as you leave cyberspace. Although, for some unfathomable reason there aren’t many suckers prepared to send us money in exchange for photographs of our members in sturdy work boots turning the compost. Sad really, because some extra cash would be nice.

These are the homepages of the lesbian gardens mailing list. If you haven’t already surfed on in disgust, then you may well be the kind of person who will enjoy exploring them further…..

sensibly dressed gardener

Lesbian Gardens is a mailing list for lesbians who share a passion for gardening. When we aren’t actually in the garden we like to read about gardening, and what could be better than reading letters from other womyn describing their own gardens in widely different parts of the world, sharing their glee when something goes right and enjoying a good grumble when it doesn’t.
You don’t need to know anything about gardening to join us, you don’t even need to have your own garden. Just so long as you are female, love womyn and enjoy reading about gardens, potted plants, allotments, weather, seeds, weeds, bugs, slugs, compost, manure and the everyday lives of garden loving dykes from around the world.

Any puerile thrill-seeking infiltrators are likely to be bored to tears, and serve them right too!

We aren’t garden experts, although we do have some very highly trained and experienced gardeners in our midst using gardening device. The size of our gardens varies, from a few pots on a window sill, via tiny yards, gardens filled with flowers and vegetables, to acres of organically grown vegetables. What we have in common is our affection towards green and growing things, and our enjoyment of a tranquil online oasis where we can enjoy the company of like-minded women.
If you think you might like to join the list, find out more on the “how to join” page.

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