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Inflatable hot tubs are gaining popularity nowadays, so much so that it’s no longer surprising to not see one in any household in and around the country.
But before you rush to your local supermarket or sporting goods store to buy one for yourself, it’s important to know which hot tub will suit you (and your budget) so below is a list of inflatable hot tubs good for 2 persons:

Intex PureSpa: Despite the common misconception that inflatable hot tubs cost a fortune, $500 and above, Intex offers affordable inflatable hot tubs (or spas). Intex has a wide selection of inflatable hot tubs that is tough, affordable, and comfortable. Price starts at $395.

Coleman Lay-Z Spa: A popular brand favorite for most consumers, the Coleman Lay-Z spa can fit 2, 4, and even 6 persons in their tub (although it may depend on the size of the person). Pamper yourself or unwind with friends with the use of bubble jets. Price starts at $399.

NTH Commercial Hot Tub: $600-$900, nothing is more comfortable than sharing an inflatable hot tub center with your significant other while sipping champagne in candlelight while romantic music plays in the background. Available from Alibaba, this inflatable hot tub is packed with a lot features to give you the best experience such as a water spout, hand shower, a massage system (and a little something extra for couples), underwater lights, and even a radio and an awesome speaker system.

GTShower Infltable Hot Tub: $200-$400, another hot tub from Alibaba is this two-person inflatable hot tub from GTShower, this inflatable hot tub package comes with everything you need to set up your own hot tub whether indoors or outdoors.

Walen Inflatable Hot Tub Spa: Unwind after a hard day’s work and soothe your tired bones and muscles with Walen’s inflatable hot tub spa, get yours now at Alibaba.

Keep in mind that buying an inflatable hot tub doesn’t mean that it’s made of poor materials or that the manufacturer made a terrible product, in fact, these inflatable hot tubs are made from the highest quality of materials but are only made affordable for most consumers. In fact, these inflatable hot tubs can last for 3 to 5 (even more) years especially if good care is taken care of, some of these inflatable hot tubs cost cheaper because they do not include extra features such as underwater lights, speakers, beverage holders, and many others might be sold separately.

Not only are these inflatable hot tubs made from the toughest materials, they are also slip resistant so inflatable hot tubs are made with the best safety in mind so you don’t have to worry about moving your inflatable hot tub with you or if your kids are going to wade in unsupervised.

You may even add in extra accessories, such as waterfalls, LED lights, pillows, and even seats to make it more romantic with your significant other. These inflatable hot tubs for two persons can even be combined or placed with permanent structures to provide you a getaway where you can spend some quality time together.

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