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Vitamins E, C, A, along with the antioxidants found in greens, fight against free radicals, prevent aging, help skin rejuvenate. Cold fruits and mostly green vegetables are more often good for the skin like spinach, asparagus, vegetables, pomegranates, oranges, lemons, grapefruit. Everyone must remind themselves every day to often eat lots and lots of green vegetables and drink at least one kind of water Squeeze fresh fruit and how to be beautiful and have a natural skin.

You can leave your makeup on! 100% extracted from naturally occurring minerals. Unlike conventional cosmetics, mineral makeup is very safe and does not contain harmful chemicals. So if you use long-lasting mineral makeup, your skin will not only deteriorate, but will also be beautiful and healthy.

Masking is one of the ways beautiful women are trusted. It provides nutrients, moisture to the skin, makes skin smoother, firmer and more rosy. With simple, close enough ingredients, cucumber or tomato … you can easily “buy” yourself a skin care mask at home once a week. Besides getting started with good habits like eating lots of green leafy vegetables, getting rid of bad habits is also very important, putting cigarettes on the table. Cigarette smoke has the “effect” of lining the blood vessels that supply oxygen and nutrients to the skin surface. So start talking cigarettes right now if you do not want to have a pale and dry skin.

Warm water will help blood circulation, expand and deepen the pores, causing the body to sweat eliminate toxins accumulate, making your skin bright and rosy. So, enjoying the relaxing moment in the sauna with the melodious music 1-2 times per week at the spa is a great suggestion for you. Hair color is too bright or too dark to make your skin look dark. So, before entering the salon to do the hair and decide to change the color of your hair, consider carefully the color that best suits your skin. If you have a healthy skin, the choice of iridescent, light yellow, brown coffee, mahogany color … will help to hide the skin defects. As for lucky girls who have light pink skin, hair colors like yellow, honey, bronze, red or brown will make you stand out absolutely.

When burns or freckles are uncomfortable, do not be happy, make friends with the vitamins A, B, C, E, K are found in the daily foods in the meal. These vitamins will work from the inside, help reduce wrinkles, remove the dark brown pigmentation under the skin and make your skin smooth more quickly. No need for private appointments with a doctor or beauty treatments at the expensive spa, you can still make your own “expert” at home. Blackheads with pre-made patches or homemade beauty masks at home will be both economic and effective. A smooth foundation will help your makeup face “eat chalk” and brighten up. So, ask your counselor to choose a foundation that best suits your skin type and skin type. In particular, prioritize foundation creams containing Vitamin C and liquid ingredients to ensure a very thin and natural foundation.

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