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MK-IV massage“We can meet all requirements,” not just T’s assertion, but also  the “business” slogan of the yoni mass T-group. One point T has revealed is that customers of this type of massage now have a change of direction. At first, guests coming to the yoni massage are the lonely ladies with money, many of them lacking in the “emotional” life, but now many husbands actively suggested, persuaded his wife. There is genuine demand. This underground movement has spawned yoni mass groups like T’s group. It’s not hard to find classified ads on social networking sites, or women’s websites related to yoni massages. . Many of them include “yoni masseuse experienced,” or “sensual masseuse, just try and enjoy.” This is a kind of the best massage chairs review wher e you can have a relaxing feeling from working all day stressing yourself from different problems that you encounter.

Nguyen Thanh H (Dong Da District, Hanoi), a gentleman who regularly brings his wife to massage yoni said that in modern society this yoni massage is not something condemning as ordinary people. To think, massage sex is simply a enjoyment of enjoyment. Benefiting husband, wife also enjoy. But perhaps there will not be as many husbands as the case of Mr. H when he witnessed his wife being pampered by a yoni masseur every inch of her body. According to Mr. H, many of the husbands even pulled their seats to watch and take photos and filmed as souvenirs. As to promote this action, Mr. H also asserted, “I take his wife to massage is to find strange feelings, to warm up sentimental couples after a long time only” so “, the This whole wife and husband are in agreement, so do not be afraid. ” On the part of T also shared more about the nature of this sensitive work: “I have never encountered a case of practice, the husband was bloody jealous ever. This is service, not prostitution. Besides, when he has his husband, there is no one to catch him. ”

Currently, this massage movement is quite popular in big cities and it is blooming like rain after rain. It does not even take into account the variations of this sensual massage. According to T, there are at least 10 secret mobile massages in Hanoi for the women, while in Hanoi this figure is more difficult to control because of its sophisticated and disguised work. With T, the genuine yoni masseur must have his own “professional ethics” but also very simple: Expertise, courtesy, kindness and devotion. Although many of the customers of the yoni massage are “saying good”, many couples do not dare to publicize their work, which means they are aware that the behavior is socially unacceptable. condemn. However, yoni massage silently wandered in the present life, this massage is very populay to the people of thailand and in using a Chair MK-IV Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair review, you can also exoerience this kind of massage that everyone likes. This will help your body to be relaxed and take away all the pain on your back, shoulder and neck.

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