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Sharpening the tip of lip liner pencils and eyeliner pencils can be a real pain when the tip keeps breaking off or simply turns into soft lumps of mess on the blade of the sharpener. To some it can be so disastrous that the pencil that was originally 6 or 8 inches in length could end up into a 2 inch liner pencil (or one!!!) with still a tip to be sharpened. Pencils are still the most ideal for contouring, especially with eye liners because they are the easiest to correct. I am sure most of you have experienced this. If you are one of those whose need some personalized, one on one beauty makeover guidance with Eyeliner Sharpening 101, then you are right on track. Simply follow these steps and you should be able to save a lot on eyeliner and lip liner pencils, more here.

Step # 1: Put your eyeliner pencil or lip liner pencil in the freezer before sharpening it. The tips of our liner pencils are understandably soft and since they are normally oil based or have a certain amount of oil for easy application, exposing them to very low temperature solidifies or hardens them. When the tip is hard, it shaves off as easily as the body of the pencil. After placing the pencils in the freezer, you can proceed to step # 2.

Step # 2: Check the blade. The blade has to be real sharp. The wood or the body of the pencil should be shaving off nicely and not chipping. If it is, do not even attempt to continue because, believe me and this is a personalized opinion that is based on decades of experience; you will soon be buying a new pencil or a new sharpener if you will dare do it. Instead of buying a new sharpener every time it becomes dull, I normally would just re-sharpen the blade.

The screws on eyeliner sharpeners or any ordinary sharpeners are normally not that tight and again, as a one on one tip, this is purely based on vast experience of makeover with pencil liners and sharpeners. You can use a Phillip’s screw driver or a flat one depending on the screw. You need to use a small one or anything that you can use, again based on experience, as long as the screw turns.

Once the blade is off, you just have to rub the side of the blade against the rough surface of your emery board to sharpen the blade or against a rough surface. Just a few strokes should be enough to sharpen it. Reattach the blade onto the sharpener and you should be good to proceed to Step #3.

Step # 3: Apply a thin amount of oil onto the blade. Apply a thin film of oil within the inner surface and the outer surface of the blade. Since the tip can become soft as it goes back to room temperature, it will have a tendency to stick to the blade.

This is one of the reasons why the tip breaks off. Applying oil to the surface of the blade allows the tip to glide smoothly along the surface of the blade, thus preventing the tip from breaking. You may re-apply oil after a few strokes. Your pencil should be sharp enough after a few twists and your eye liner pencil should be ready for that perfect wing application.

Here is one suggestion of a great sharpener. Please watch this video. You can buy whatever brand you have. I use an ordinary pencil sharpener from time to time. You just have to follow the steps that I have laid out for you and you should be able to use any kind without any issues.

You do not have to remove the oil from the tip of the liner as the oil residue should just make application easier and smoother. So next time, you need to sharpen your eyeliner pencil or your lip liner pencil, simply visit our personalized, one on one beauty makeover tip on how to sharpen your eyeliner and lip liners for you to be able to economize and save some of your make up budget by not wasting your eye liners and lip liners due to too much breakage. Achieve beauty without wasting money.

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