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Safety solution have been used in rough environments, such as industrial production, maritime areas, tunnels and mines. Through a transmitter carried by personnel located in for example a mine, and a receiver connected to a computer, the company administration can at all times know who is located where within the different control zones. Wtek also have a close partnership with the Arendal technology firm, Hernis. Hernis have developed suitable solutions for offshore platforms and other sea activity. Hernis is operating worldwide. In the weekly news bulletin for Swedish ore giant, LKAB, a two-page article is written about how the safety for their personnel have improved with the new safety system. The article is published in conjunction with the upcoming safety system expansion, including an upgrade to out largest mine software package, using the new TRAILBLAZER middleware and including all LKAB underground personell and external entrepreneurs with a purchase of 1,000 new tags.

In the local paper, they focused on the contrast between the little municipal, Øvrebø, and the vast market that are at the feet of the safety solutions provided by Wtek AS. The article focus on a recent enquiry from South Afrtica, and mentions the Letter of Intent with the coal mine on Spitzbergen.
The system was initially develoepd and tested during the building of the Oddernes tunnel in Kristiansand, and have later been adopted by Swedish LKAB. Veidekke, which had the responsibility for the tunnel in Kristiansand, have also ordered a new and similar system for the Oslo Subway Circle. Store Norske Spitsbergen Kullkompani will also use the system in their mines at Spitzbergen.

In the local paper, they focused on how well our solution have been working in the “Oddernes” tunnel and at Swedish LKAB. It was especially for the installation in Sweden good to “cream” several large competitors on the market today and by doing so, emphasizing that our system is in it’s own league when it comes down to both safety and functionality. This summer, the partnership between Wtek and Tunnelcom resulted in a snatch of the prestigeous contract with LKAB in front of large and well-renowned European companies, also in the safety, surveillance and security business.

– While others wanted to use the mine in Gällivarre as a test field for further development of their systems, we had a working
system, that met all expectations from the Swedes.

A system for improved safety”
In the weekly news  about the system installation from Tunnelcom/Wtek. We often in finding difficulty in figuring out the variation among surveillance or security, with the installation of  heavy duty pan/tilt displays to further improve the safety. This issue incessantly comes from those who insist on installing cameras.
For the rescue service the system is of great help if an incident should occur. A sort of flight-recorder that show the last location of personell. – For us, the system is a priceless tool with great advantages. In the case of a fire or another incident can we quickly locate where personell were located last, says Leif Lövgren, LKAB rescue-service. It is important to quickly obtain an overview on how many people are inside and where they are located in emergencies

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